This Mistress i amazing! What a foot fetish.


Do you like when a woman dominates? If so, this video is definitely for you. Every fetishist of the female body and especially beautiful feet will feel like in heaven. Domina is a very sexy, calm but imperious person who definitely takes a lot of pleasure from domination. She is lovely. She has black hair, perfect makeup and a shapely body. Dressed in a sexy corset she is wearing only sexy strings in which her bottom looks amazing. She slowly stretches out on the bed like a cat. When she presents herself, she allows her slave to slowly approach her. The gracious Mistress allows him to kiss and lick her wonderful feet. The sub was created for this role because he obediently performs his role and his dick is hard. The action is very slow, but the excitement is in the air. Domina groans and sighs, aware of her sexuality and confidence. When she turns on her stomach and exposes her buttocks, the sight of her intimidates. Everyone would like to kiss her feet.
She finally takes off her panties and a big smile is visible on her face. She likes this role of a dominant woman. She allows her slave to enjoy the sight of her beautiful body. She continues sighing.
Finally, she allows the sub to taste her pussy. A slave must obey the Lady’s orders. She knows what’s good for her.
Domina is clearly satisfied with the attitude of her mongrel and decides to do a footjob as a reward. She masturbates his cock with her feet, slowly moaning at the same time. This is a perfect example of how to play a BDSM-style game in a relaxed way. The slave is very obedient, his Mistress trained him properly.
Finally, the Lady lets the slave cum over her body. A real lucky guy.
This movie is perfect. Every couple should try to roleplay such a BDSM play.


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